Past Life Regression Therapy



Everyone experiences a past life regression in their own way. Frequently, people experiencing a regression for the first time think they have “made up” their experience or feel they have imagined it. As time goes on, subtle or not so subtle things may be noticed that provide validation to what was experienced.

To get the most from a past life regression session, it is important to keep an open mind and not analyze the experience. There will be plenty of time for that later. Simply let the information flow into the mind without questioning it. We are aware and relaxed during the regression. The conscious mind is in the “background;” the sub-conscious mind is more awake, and our subconscious mind knows everything we’ve experienced.

Many people experience some clue as to their prior incarnations. Are we drawn to a particular country, people or specific time period? If Roman architecture attracts our interest we may have lived during that time. Sometimes one experiences a feeling of “déjà vu,” or a feeling that one has “been here before,” although we know we have not been to this place in this lifetime.

Sometimes it happens that we feel negative about some place or historic time period “for no reason.” The feelings may be negative because of experiences we had somewhere else. These feelings are called “carry-overs” and can directly relate to our present life. Any strong affinity or aversion is possibly related to a trauma we experienced somewhere else. With an open mind, information may appear. Regardless of the “past life” experience, the body and mind are greatly benefited by this deep level of physical and mental relaxation occurring during a regression therapy session.

When the facilitator instructs someone to “step through the light” into an unknown place, one may experience one or more of these reactions:

  • We may see our self quite clearly
  • We may experience impressions of sight, sound, taste, touch, smell
  • We may seem to “know” without seeing or experiencing the senses
  • We may not see anything, but feel someone is telling us what is happening
  • We may experience slight or strong feelings, body sensations and emotions

Regardless of our initial reaction upon entering this space, we need to answer the questions as the facilitator asks them. As the regression session progresses, we may find the impressions become stronger. If we actively analyze the process during the session, it will only block the impressions. We are on a journey through our soul’s experiences through lifetimes. It’s best to have an open mind and let it travel freely. Analysis can wait until our session is finished, after data is collected. The facilitator will help us make connections later.

I’ve found it is significant to be clear on our intentions when beginning a past life regression. I’ve also discovered that by anointing with pure essential oils and prayerful focused thoughts and intentions, we can raise the vibration of the experience. When we “let go and let God” or our higher self be the guide, we can relax in this beautiful sacred safe space we create. By allowing the process to flow unobstructed, we know the greatest good is unfolding for our highest potential. Great insights have been gained in this way.

I’m looking forward to guiding you to your very own Self. If you are interested in a past life regression or future progression therapy session, please fill out the consent form on this web site, and e-mail to me in an attachment to your e-mail, with a request to speak with me for the pre-session interview in the subject section of the e-mail. A pre-session interview is required before a therapy session can be experienced.

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I, ,consent to participate in a process of Past-Life Regression therapy, under the direction of Judith A. Hancox, LCSW. I understand that Past-Life Regression Therapy can involve the use of general psychotherapeutic techniques in combination with progressive relaxation, hypnosis, guided imagery, facilitated guidance, and other hypnotherapeutic interventions. As part of Past-Life Regression Therapy, clients are encouraged to imagine events, circumstances, behaviors, thoughts, and feelings from prior situations in their experience. I understand that clients vary greatly in their response to the relaxation, hypnotherapy and regression process. I understand some clients experience intense image and recollections, while others report experiencing relatively little. Additionally, I am aware that the images/recollections experienced during the Past-Life Regression Therapy may be real, may be fantasy, or may be a combination of real and fantasized or distorted memories.

I also understand that certain memories or images experienced during the Past-Life Regression Therapy may represent traumatic events which can evoke intense emotional reactions or distress. These emotionally charged images are often quite useful therapeutically for facilitating insight, understanding, and healing, but such intense experiences can nonetheless be emotionally troubling. Furthermore, I understand that if at any time I become too uncomfortable and/ or unwilling to proceed with the Past- Life Regression Therapy process, I can request to stop the process and the treatment will cease immediately.

I understand the fee for Past Life Regression Therapy is $150.00 per hour and is due and payable at the time of the session regardless of whether a past life experience has occurred.

My signature below signifies that I have reviewed the above paragraph, understand principal characteristics of Past-Life Regression Therapy, and have agreed to participate in this therapeutic procedure.

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